In-Depth Look at the Slot Game “Rise of Khepri”

Light & Wonder (formerly SG Digital) is no stranger to the ancient world, and its games like 300 Shields Mighty Ways have helped to cement the company’s reputation in the Greek subset of that world. The studio’s latest online slot, Rise of Khepri, takes players to Ancient Egypt, across the Mediterranean Sea. Given the abundance of Egyptian-themed slot machines, Rise of Khepri distinguishes itself with a progressive scatter reward feature during free games, during which players can alter the game’s volatility and even trigger Super Free Games.

It’s impossible not to imagine what Ancient Egypt was like before its preservation helped it become one of the finest preserved ancient civilizations on Earth. Players get a taste of the glory in Rise of Khepri, which features perfectly symmetrical stonework like pyramids and obelisks. Khepri, the Egyptian sun deity, would often take the form of a scarab, a common talisman in Ancient Egyptian religion and video slot games. The sun, it was said, was reborn every day, and Khepri pushed it across the sky like a beetle might push a dung ball. This is an interesting take on nature, and it makes me wonder how people thousands of years from now would interpret our understanding of the cosmos. Maybe we’re missing something glaring, or there’s another layer to reality we haven’t uncovered yet that will completely change our understanding of the world.

The game grid for Rise of Khepri consists of 5 reels and 3 rows, and there are 243 chances to win. A winning combination is formed when identical symbols appear on at least three consecutive reels, starting with the leftmost reel. Light & Wonder created three RTP models, with the highest paying out 96.12%, despite the fact that players may affect the volatility in free games. You may play Rise of Khepri on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and the betting ranges from 20 p/c to £/€50 each spin.

In addition to the standard 10-ace card royals, the lower-paying regular symbols also include a scroll, vase, Ankh, eye, and a pyramid/sphinx combination, all of which have quite nice designs. A victory with five of a type pays 2 to 2.5 times the original wager for royal flushes and 4 to 15 times the original wager for premium hands. Wilds can replace any other pay symbol to help finish off winning lines. Wilds appear on every reel except the first one to the left.

The Slot Features of the Rise of Khepri

The features of Rise of Khepri aren’t really ground-breaking, but they can be a lot of fun: scarab cash rewards, free games, Super Free Games, and bonus purchases.

Colossal Scarab and Little Scarab

Symbols for scarab beetles and mega scarab beetles might show up on any reel. If you land one Mega Scarab, you win cash; if you land two, you win cash plus a multiplier. When you land three Mega Scarabs, your winnings are doubled and you enter Super Free Games.

Without Cost Online Games

When you land three ordinary Scarabs, you’ll enter the standard bonus round. After being triggered, players can select among the following:

You get 12 free games where the Scarab multiplier is set to 1.

The initial Scarab multiplier for the 9 free spins is 2.

You get 6 free spins with an x5 Scarab multiplier.

A jumbled assortment of the preceding numbers.

The Scarab multiplier value is shown next to the reels during free spins. If a Scarab symbol appears, the current multiplier is applied, and the multiplier is raised by the initial value of the Scarab symbol (x1, x2, or x3). If the multiplier is x1, and four x1 Scarabs appear, the payout is 4 times the wager, and the multiplier is increased by +4. The maximum multiplier is x200, and more free spins cannot be won during this round.

Unlimited Fun for Free

This bonus is activated by collecting three Mega Scarabs, and it grants twelve free games with a Scarab multiplier of five times. Additionally, victories both ways are tripled. There is no way to retrigger the Mega Free Games.

Benefits for Buying

In games that offer them, players can pay 50x their wager to enter the ordinary free games round, or 300x their wager to enter the Super Free Games round.

Slot Verdict in the Rise of Khepri

While not blazing with originality or high-octane atmosphere, Rise of Khepri is a pleasant Ancient Egyptian-themed slot with certain elements that may strike a chord with some players. No chopping or slicing occurs, therefore it lacks the sense of impending peril that permeated 300 Shields Mighty Ways. The less tumultuous mathematical model gives it a softer exterior and a more peaceful nature. When free games are triggered, players have some control over the volatility since they may select from four options that modify the number of spins and the multiplier. If the standard free games round can be purchased for 50 times the stake, this is a very competitive pricing compared to what most of the competitors offers.

Obviously, the 300x for Super Free Games is more expensive, but Super Free Games did deliver some of the most exhilarating moments throughout the evaluation process. It depends greatly on the amount of Scarab symbols that appear during the round. Not only do more Scarab symbols result in higher cash prizes, but they also increase the multiplier. Rise of Khepri was entertaining when a sizeable multiplier had built up and Scarabs were falling from the sky in clusters. The game’s maximum payout, listed in the rules as 7,500x the stake, is likely to be achieved during the Super Free Games bonus round. For the record, pleasure level did decrease significantly outside of Super Free Games.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that Rise of Khepri will completely revolutionize the online slot game industry as 300 Shields did, but its benefits certainly exceed its drawbacks. The amusement given by Rise of Khepri was adequate, and it should satisfy Ancient Egyptian lovers who are searching for something new to try.

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